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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • Remjob
    Hi got 10 or more boutique Cigars "Babalu" Rebusto size there of great quility and flavor there not 99 cent stick's by far. I'm up to suggest's of cigars for cigars or snuff for cigars gift exchange. Please connect me.
    February 2019
  • DeVille
    I still have all those snuff available if you wanted to trade snuff or cigars
    January 2019
  • Remjob
    Do get back to me soon please and tell me what you like and how you would like to do this trade and let's get something going I like myself mellow medium mild to full strength cigars my favorite premium brand is Oliva but as long as there decent cigars cigars I'm not picky I'll try anything cigar wise if it's from someone that has more experience i n cigars more than I for I just until recently I'd say 4 months have I fell in love with decent cigars and Oh how I do love a good cigar but enough about me tell me what it is you desire and work we'll work something out and I'll be seeing you on the flip side peace out.
    May 2018
  • Remjob
    I'm not sure if you got my message or not if not well let me say I have a wide variety of snuffs from all over the world and straight up awesome badass homemade snuff I make with love craftsmanship it's some of the best fucking snuff out there it even Beats commercial grade snuff not only in grind but originality and flavor usually has my homegrown Rustica tobacco in The Flower blend I just got another comment about my snuff in what's inmy nose a couple days ago It would be the 4th time my snuff have been mentioned in snuffhouse I have half tens almost full tins I got 2 brand new tap boxes of Samuel G Cobgold and a full tin 25G of fubar d o o a l i l i tap my name and word is gold it's mentioned by others in I do believe the page in snuffhouse is called honest good Traders page what I've done in the past with cigar Traders is you send me amount of some decent cigars and I send you wieghed 4t5gram baggies of snuffs from all over the world and ones I make which equals a shitload ofsnuff.
    May 2018