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  • Remjob
    Find the right essential oil and say something like lemongrass perhaps then soak and flavor your tobacco and then after it has dried to a moist state then put it in a big box on the left side and put on the right side a box of potting soil and then seal the big box up and perhaps the tobacco will exorb that fresh dirt soil like scent in flavor come on you got to give me some points there I thought about it for a long time for you heck I might even try it LOL see you around.
    February 2018
  • agentshags
    howdy! is this how you PM? lol whats the details on a sample of pickle juice snuff, good sir? (assuming gender based on the "guy" in cobguy lol)
    June 2017
  • CaptShipwreck
    Interested. What are the details?
    November 2016
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo man I was wondering if you're making any new snuffs?I'll be glad to try some if u have any available.
    Thanks and Alohas,
    November 2016
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo man I'm interested in your "Girl scout cookie"snuff.Do u have some to sample or buy?just lmk.

    Peace and Aloha
    Ryan O.
    July 2016
  • Cobguy joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    June 2016