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  • JeffParr
    Noticed that SG Black Rappee is one of your top 3, Heads up, this has been discontinued by SG but has been rebranded as Viking Dark Rappee. Same for SG Scotch Black now Viking Scotch Dark. Currently available from My order for these arrived this morning and I can confirm this, identical to my nose anyway. Enjoy - Jeff
    March 2020
  • Amanda
    @dwhyte Hi there, 

    Thanks for raising this question. I would like to inform you that due to security reason and our security protocols we have been instructed not use any personal picture or details of our own and for that reason only I have chosen Amanda's picture as my display picture because she is my favorite Disney Avatar. Our company provided us a liberty to select any picture from the internet which we can use on the snuff forum.

    Also, you can be rest assured that the customer relation service is taken care by an authorized person of MrSnuff.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
    April 2018
  • Amanda
    @dwhyte Hi there. I would really like to apologize for this bad experience you had witnessed lately with Mr. Snuff. We would be definitely going ahead and investigating this matter on an urgent basis and would try to make your experience with Mr. Snuff smooth as before. 

    If you could please help me with your last order number (for which you were facing the problem), or your email id with which you have an account with Mr.Snuff, so I would be able to assist you in a better way.

    Mr.Snuff's website is fully functional now and if you give us a try once again and try to purchase from us, I hope this time we won't disappoint you and you would have a great experience with Mr. Snuff yet again.

    If you do face any trouble please reply me back here or shoot me an email at- addressing me and the issue and I will be in action right away.

    I hope you will give Mr.Snuff one more opportunity to be at your service as you have been a very loyal customer to us.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
    March 2018
  • dwhyte joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    January 2017