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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • Omgroma
    Toque Spruce was a limited edition some years back. I have been in contact with Toque and they say they can do it as a bespoke order … but it would be slightly more expensive than other bespoke snuffs because of the ingredients. It has a very natural ‘spruce’ aroma and I highly recommend it. I will certainly be ordering it bespoke when I have som spare snuff money around!
    June 2021
  • Chapman
    I just wanted to write and apologize for the way I came at you over the other guys poem. I was criticizing you in a very rude fashion, because I felt you did the same to somebody else. It may have been a misunderstanding, but I still handled myself very poorly, and for that I am sorry. It was not my best moment. Just wanted to man up and admit I was wrong in that.
    February 2020
    • ALLex
      Props for being direct & honest my dude. It was a misunderstanding for sure! Peace!
  • ALLex and Grant_Le_Bon joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    January 2020