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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • AlKindiSnuff
    Hey my friend :•}

    Do you think the NewAir 250 or NewAir 500 or any of the other Newair humidors with Opti-Temp Control and Adjustable Humidity Cigar Humidor would be a good idea to store snuffs in if decanted out of tins ofcourse and decant into plastic or glass decant jars? They would all be in a optimal of your choice Temperature and Humidity set to keep snuffs perfect moist and best temp. Just want the best for my stored snuffs of all types and kinds as we all do. Looking for that magic storage bullet to keep our snuffs perfect or as perfect as we can get. and there are other brands too and I like this idea just wanted your thoughts.

    Thanks :]
    Carlo —
    November 2020
  • memofame
    Who should I contact for booking ads on your website?

    April 2020
  • plaja

    I would like to change my username. How can I do that?


    March 2020
  • TigerJack
    Hi , There is a few I can get at my local tobacco store but not nearly all you listed, what you need to do is get in touch with the distributors in Tennessee . I can get Garrett snuffs Honey Bee , Tube Rose I think and mabye a few more , I will have to check as I haven't been in the store in quiet some time, I will get back with you in a few days.
    June 2019
  • willynelson
    Hi Mr. Snuff,

    A number of members here have noticed that your stock appears to be dwindling. This is most noticeable with regards to British and German snuffs. Can you allay our concern that you may be selling off your stock and shuttering the doors? A less terrible, though still awful possibility, is that there will simply be no restocking of British and German snuffs in the future. Is that the case?

    Best regards,
    October 2017
  • Stoveburn
    Howdy! I recently purchased the 6photo beegum chhap special alongside a McChrystal's mini 12pk,it dawned on me that the chhap may be of the dip/chew variety as opposed to reg dry snuff. pils you shed some light on this please?
    September 2016