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  • Roderick
    Hi Zebra,  

    I read your comments and wondered which Toques you had tried.  I, as the owner of Toque, also don't get on with all we produce.  I particularly hate Cheese and Bacon, yet it is one of our best sellers?  I also don't get own with the floral snuffs.

      We can't be all things to all the people, but I try.  What are your go to snuffs and I bet I can better them.  It's a win win bet. You can't lose. I'll send you my winning bids and if you think your choices are better I will bow gracefully to defeat.  If on the other hand you are blown away all I ask is you tell me.

    March 2020
    • Zebra2374
      Hi Roderick. Im not sure what comments youre referring to as this was a while ago but rest assured I am now a regular user of your excellent snuffs. Natural Toast, USA W&H, CBD and Otto Schmalzler have become firm favs and one of them gets used each and every day. Thanks for all you do for this community. Long may it continue.
    • Zebra2374
      Thank you for the very kind offer by the way. But as I'm a very happy customer now I would rather give you my money than take samples.
  • Zebra2374 joined.
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    October 2018