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  • @danw1988: For their SPs, WoS uses Zimbabwe Burley (flue and dark fired), so I think using a dark burley would be the place to start.
  • If you are in the U.S.:
  • I actually did make a dill-flavored snuff this summer. I took a handful of fresh dill from the garden, wrapped it in a tea bag and left it in a jar for a week with 25g of Toque Natural. The only problem was that the end result smelled faintly of di…
  • If you live anywhere near an Indian reservation, their smoke shops are a great source for scotch snuff (usually Garrett and Honest). They sell the large (5.58 ounce) tins for $14 or so. You can't beat that price.
  • Barclay Rex has 3 or 4 locations in Manhattan. They do have a nice house blend snuff. They also have the usual Pöschl, Wilsons, etc.
  • About a month ago I was waiting on a car repair at the Honda dealer. Sitting across from me was a middle-aged African-American man who was hitting a can of Carhart's Sweet like you wouldn't believe. Yes, nasally. I swear that he must have went throu…
  • My thoughts are with you, Pieter. I sincerely hope all goes well for you.
  • @saucy_jack: If there exists a documented case of nasal snuff causing cancer, no one has brought it to light. If your doctor is so insistent upon this "fact," then demand that he back up his claims. Most doctors think TOBACCO = CANCER; NO DEBATE. I…
  • A local shop here has a tub of Stoker's plain dry snuff sitting on the shelf. The store owner told me that it was a mistake. They ordered several tubs of moist snuff and this one was thrown into the shipment by accident. I've never tried Stoker's, s…
  • I wouldn't worry about any negative effects from bitter almond oil obtained from reduced almond extract. The prussic acid has already been burned out of the bitter almonds during the process used to manufacture the extract. This is also why you don…
  • Try substituting Amaretto di Saronno for the bitter almond extract. May be too sweet, though. The best thing to do is to buy pure (not imitation!) almond extract at the grocery store. Reduce in a pan until the alcohol is gone. You'll be left with b…
  • Xander, did you try that vintage Maccoboy, or is the bottle still sealed?
  • Napoleon used seven pounds of snuff monthly on his landing strip. His landing strip was taller than he was. Go figure. I read that somewhere.
  • @BradMajors : PACT was really designed to put the tribal nation tobacco trade out of business. States have no legal right to hinder or interfere with the business and governance of the tribal nations, nor can they impose or collect taxes from them; …
  • The nausea induced by the taste of Camel snus will kill you long before you get cancer. Seriously, though, Camel snus are said to be as low in TSNAs as are real (i.e. Swedish) snus. I would worry more about what the artificial sweeteners in Camel …
    in Camel snus Comment by kjoerup April 2010
  • "Drum" was never a designated term in the Imperial system of weights and measurements. "Drum" is simply a generic term referring to a cylindrical container that can be any size. A tobacco hogshead weighs approximately one thousand pounds.
  • Coming up this week on 60 Minutes: Evil tobacco companies actually RUB SNUFF ON CHILDREN!
  • Snuff doesn't kill bacteria, but cheese and bacon might.
  • To My Queen by Walt Dickerson. For my money Dickerson was the greatest vibraphonist in all of jazz. This record always makes me feel hopeful, no matter how dark my mood may be. The duet album he did with Sun Ra (Visions, 1978) is pretty fantastic a…
  • Yes, it is well understood that PACT is an extension of the Jenkins Act. It has been mentioned a hundred times in the various PACT threads here.
  • Of course PACT affects only US-based shops. US law does not extend to other countries. What remains to be seen is whether or not tobacco mailed to the US from other countries will actually get through. That is what no one yet knows. US Customs can …
  • Believe me, I'm not trying to pour salt on any wounds. He seems like a sincere guy, and I sympathize with the business owners and workers who are being put out of work due to PACT. Snus users ought to at least take solace in the fact that getsnus.…
  • Wasn't Jonathon Polak the guy who recently made those youtube videos assuring his customers that PACT was not going to affect his business in the least bit? Hmmmm.
  • I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Jewel.
  • PACT does not prevent individuals from mailing non-commercial shipments of tobacco. I can buy American snuff locally, and will be happy to mail it to anyone outside of the US who wants it. I'll be happy to trade for English/German/Dutch/Indian/et…
  • IHT No. 22 is very dry and should have a bit of a smokey taste, but it should never be coarse.
  • Was it sealed with the tell-tale WoS green tape? I have had pounds of IHT No.22 and have never encountered anything like you are describing.
  • Ugh. What a sodden piece of crap that report was. I expected no better from the piss poor spin-doctoring that passes for American "journalism" nowadays, and this feature did nothing to alter my pessimism. They must have really gone out of their way…
  • Don't feel bad. I won't be using any of this bulk for a while to come, as I plan to beat PACT until the end of my days. I am going to decant it into Mason jars (I bought all those damn things; might as well use them!), but if left undisturbed these …
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by kjoerup April 2010
  • The WoS/F & T bulk I received was ordered directly from the factory. Don't be afraid to place factory orders. Dave will get them to you in a timely manner.
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by kjoerup April 2010