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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • Easy! I would take any strong, plain, fairly dry and fairly fine snuff. Such as the NC Madras that I just bought 3 kilos of. It's excellent as-is, and can really easily be modified into medicated and/or scented. Would this be ideal? No, but it would…
  • Good advice above! I will say that your tastes will likely change over time. Also, practice makes perfect in this game. Like others have mentioned, I find course/moist snuffs easy to take however I don't partake of them often as they cause me front …
  • @ar47 (love your handle!) and @omgroma yes, if I find something I know I like at a decent price, I'll stock up. The NC Madras is mostly for use as a base for making medicated and scented snuff, the others are just darned good snuffs (IMHO). I can't …
  • A modest order from Hookah1: N.C. Madras 3 kilosTPS Madras 1.2 kilos5 Photos Himalya 1 kiloSugandah Rose 0.5 kiloSwastik .5 kilo Should get me by for a while. :-) Michael
  • Hmmm--lavender might be good, I've not tried any lavender snuff that I can recall. I'm going to see about hunting up other recipes, though I do like plain old Madras snuff pretty well. Ordered another two kilos of NC today and another half kilo of T…
  • Cool, will try and find some. I like the old school bail-type canning jars, but you have to keep them in a dark place. I do jar up lots of snuff and flower.
  • @Cobguy I actually ordered a pound of Rustica leaf from as well as some Rustica seeds today. I didn't notice their forum, will check it out. I've now got your recommended menthol in my Amazon cart. I'm thinking a ball mill--the …
  • OK, I've got a mortar and pestle, and have just ordered a pound of non-steamed whole leaf Rustica (and some seeds).I get the basic recipe. My eventual goal is to mimic my favorite snuffs as closely as possible. So, NB Madras I think might not be bad…
  • This is awesome. Just gearing up to start making my own. Wish Chef Daniels was still around! Good to see others involved as well.
  • MR. BROWN, love that Virginie! The rest I've not tried. Seems very quite here. My most recent purchase is a nice SS mortar and pestle that should arrive today. I've decided to start making my own and this hopefully will let me prove my concept. Then…
  • Being shockingly low on snuff, I've gotten my pipes back out. Currently Mac Baren's Vanilla Cream is keeping my little Meer Apple warm. Not a lot of nic, but my wife loves the smell and I like it. Once the house smells nice, I'm on to the Dark Stron…
  • Been a while since I've been here. Excited to hear about the new Madras. Like TPS, like NC, Love NB. Was a sad day when the last of my last kilo of NB went up my nose. I'd order a kilo or two of the others from Hookah1 but they won't ship to Maine. 
  • I missed it, too--dammit! Since none of my cards will work on the site w/o prior notification to the financial institution, 24 hours notice makes it tough. 
  • I snuff pretty much all day, every day. I love nicotine and its effects. I do use a couple of portions of General Original snus a day at work as snuff use needs to be totally discrete and can't always be done. I probably use 5 grams a day, more on w…
  • @Hawiian_Ryan, Maine is now a free state! Looking to start my garden ASAP (12 mature plants is the legal Max).  I pay the bills by working in IT for a school district. My sideline (besides computer consulting) is making custom pens and other lathe-t…
  • @newbiesnuffer, if you find any, let me know! I tried contacting the company without success. If anyone wants to try, here is the info on the box my kilo of NB came in: N. Boothpathy Son,27, G.N.T. Road,Chennai -118. Phone: 044-25580902 The box is d…
  • They are all great, but Kailash is awesome. Thank for the reminder--I'd forgotten I have a couple hundred grams jarred up. Just dug it out for a hit.
  • TPS, NC, and my favorite NB. I'm sort of hoarding the last 100 grams of the kilo of NB I bought. All good stuff!
  • @yisraeldov, yes, I do get cola from this. Granted, my nose isn't that sensitive, but no berry notes that I can determine. I'm not sure how fresh mine is, but the menthol is there, followed by a faint cola scent.
  • I just got a tap box as part of a package deal. I really kind of like this, though I usually prefer plain tobacco snuff. The menthol is nice, as is the grind and moisture. Doesn't seem to be causing any drip, which is nice. I do detect a faint cola …
  • Recreational weed has been legal here for a couple of weeks now. And that's all I have to say about that. :-)
  • That's awesome! I love PKD and BladeRunner. Never thought of his character Pris. When you're enjoying Lose Snus, you have to "bake a pris" before before inserting it into your upper lip (messy to get out, so I only got one tin of that--I stick to Ge…
  • I don't smoke goopers. I have one pipe for Lats. All the others are pretty much fair game. 
  • I was probably 12 or 13. My friend and I bought a red plastic tin of snuff at the local drug store no idea what it was. All we knew was that it went up your nose. We each took a huge pinch and snorted it up. After we could see and breath again, we p…
  • L260 is absolutely my favorite to keep on the bedside stand. I love the intense snuff dreams I get.
  • @SeanOCDPx, I don't really see much difference between TPS, NC, or NB Madras. I sure do wish someone would offer any of those in Kilo quantities again. I burned through the Kilo of NB I got surprisingly fast.
  • Probably the most distasteful snuff I've ever tried--I honestly prefer Cheese & Bacon over it. Anyway, IIRC, I thought it was in the medium range on the nic-o-meter.
  • Well, I loved my pipes. Then I found snuff. Since my discovery of the joys of nasal snuff, I've had no interest at all in smoking my pipes. So I've in effect quit, even though I had no desire to.  Regards,Michael