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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • I just got two 500 g tins of dark, and immediately picked up a very subtle mintyness as well, and immediately did a double take at the label to make sure they had sent me the correct product. it was fresh out of the can, so i chalked it up to needin…
  • I have a local smoke shop that sells Railroad Mills Plain Scotch Snuff, if that is of any value to you.  Best,  -RD
  • Well everyone, now I feel silly. It looks like I posted this same question years ago.
  • I agree completely. While I love WoS products, I can't stand their tins. I stick to Viking and Samuel Gawith because they come in great 25g cans that are vacuum sealed, don't spill every time I open them, and are easy to get the lid on and off once …
  • Very good, I appreciate the tips everyone!
  • I couldn't snuff toasts or scotches without sneezing and tearing up until i learned about the boxcar (a recent development). now for some reason I can snuff HDT without it hitting my throat. I think its because I can really regulate how much air i'm…
    in Boxcar?? Comment by RainDog May 2015
  • I'm flying Ryanair soon (first holiday for years) and of course I'll be taking a supply of snuff. As airport security is so tight nowadays I was wondering what is people's experience of carrying snuff on to an aircraft? I'm thinking that I'll keep…
  • Snuff has complicated my life. Use to be a big rub of Red Seal Winergreen Long Cut and I was good to go. Now I am like a kid in a candy store, I don't know what to do with myself. I tell you what I get back to seriously answering your question wh…
  • L.J Peretti's Smiths Own, my pipe slowly developing a scent of old leather. :D
  • I'm a sales representative for a small medical device company.
  • If anyone is interested, L.J Peretti in Boston carries Willson of Sharrow snuff, and their pipe tobacco blends are phenomenal. They ship all over the country as well. I placed an order just the other day for a 1/2 lb of pipe tobacco and a few can's …
  • Yes. I agree. I attribute this to the decline of popularity and use of cigarettes. In an ever changing market one must be able to adapt or die. Though, in the USA at least, companies aren't allowed to advertise a tobacco product as a harm reductio…
  • New England has some pretty high contrast between its seasons. I was noticing yesterday how much richer some of my snuffs are in the humid and warm temperatures in May then they are in cold dreary February. In particular i was snuffing my RR Mills P…
  • F&T HDT F&T Old Paris Viking Dark WIlsons IHT 22 Bernard Klostermischung Bernard Postillion I wish i could have them all on hand at all times.
  • Mac Baren Virginia flake in my Petersons calabash.
  • I enjoy a snuff or a chew while indoors, and a pipe or hand rolled smoke while outside. Nothing can replace a pipe by a wood burning stove or a camp fire. Its amazing how tobacco "collections" can accumulate.
  • When it comes to other tobaccos i'm a huge fan of medium and full bodied blends. I love pepper, leather, and smoke, so i was looking for some similar qualities in the Bernard Postillion and Klostermischung.
  • @RainDog - No worries :-) Do bear in mind that packaging can be a bit irregular in India itself + who knows how old snuff is unless you buy it from a specialist supplier (with a frequent turn-ovr of stock). Indian snuff is a little 'out there' on i…
  • @RainDog - Hi Matt, it sounds suspiciously like 41 Photo's White Elephant to me... If it was pale, very fine, and had a slight hint of fish when opened/fresh then definately so! Having said that the elephant is fairly common Indian motif so it could…
  • Very cool everybody, Thank you for the information and insight. So far all my snuffs have been extreamly finely ground, but I have a big order on the way with a little bit more variety. I tried to mix it up as much as I could, while still getting …
  • Apologies if this should have been posted to the "Types of Snuff" board.