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  • @SammyD13 I find that there is disparity in opinion of SG snuffs in particular. This is most likely due to many people buying the 10g tap box first as a sampler and can be dried out, flat with most of the subtle flavours lost and first impressions l…
  • Your right about the Tonka beans in Elmo's (My personal favourite by a very large margin) You can get them directly from Wilsons of Sharrow online at a very good price and more impotently you can trust the source. I find if you cut them in half (the…
  • I very much agree with HR_pufnsnuff. I tried it for the first time at the beginning of the year (now renamed "Madagascan" incidentally). I really like SG (and Viking) NON-MENTHOLATED dark base tobacco snuffs and thought to give this one a try. I was…
  • Yes and Highly recommended. One of my favourites, similar to Toques version but not quite as fine, although I'd still class it as a toast. Both the whisky and honey quite pronounced but "smoother" than the Toque and easier to take. The Whisky  (fine…
  • 45 years with a 20 a day habit, 40 years trying and failing to quite.  Patches and Nasal spay helped me quit (thank you NHS) for a while  but I'd been there many many times before.  Snuff is what has kept me Smokeless for over a year now and any des…