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My name is Will, I'm a PhD student in Arizona and I have been snuffing for about 12 years. I have a collection of about 150 snuffs. My favorites include Wilson's Irish Toast #22, 6 Photo's Kailash, Toque's Ambrosia and Whiskey & Honey, Bernard's Fichtennadel and Magic Moments, and McChrystal's Fine Keg. Roderick from Toque is presently working on a custom run of double-flavored Ambrosia for me (I would be happy to share samples with Snuffhouse members once it is finished). I am planning to grow tobacco and extract flavor compounds to make artisan snuff; my main aim is to make a snuff that replicates the smell of an early morning in the Sonoran Desert just after a light rain during citrus blossom season. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Making snuff will be just for fun, as it appears that regulations make it virtually impossible to start a tobacco business these days. I am extremely worried about the growth of virulent anti-tobacco regulation in the USA and EU, especially in light of the impact we've seen on heritage snuff makers like Molens de Kralingse and Wilsons of Sharrow. At the same time I am optimistic that snuff could have a beautiful future if the word gets out. There are a lot of cigarette smokers who would love to visit this world if they knew that it existed. I am glad to finally be a member here, and I hope to give back to this community some fraction of what it has given me over the years.


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