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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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Saskatchewan, Canada
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  • Good day all,   Here's a quick follow up on my 2nd order from Ordered 457g of products. Total package weight was 1032g. Arrived today. Order was placed on Dec.21.2017 and shipped on Dec.21.2017. Total of 13 days to arrive at my doorst…
  • @Konrad_von_Marburg our pipe tobacco is also around $45 per 50g. There's a nice little tobacco shop where they still make their own blends so I don't mind buying some from time to time for the fresh variety and to support a local business. But it's …
  • I placed my very first small order of the following snuff. Had it delivered to my doorstep in Saskatchewan. Samuel Gawith - FiredanceSamuel Gawith - Celtic talismanSamuel Gawith - Elmo's reservePoschl Ozona   - PresidentThey took around 23 days to …
  • Howdy eh', I'm in Saskatchewan.
  • Good afternoon all,   Just saw this thread and figured I'd better introduce myself. I am a Canadian born yokel living in Saskatchewan and was recently introduced to snuff by a good friend of mine. His brother sent him a snuff variety pack one day…
  •   Sounds like there is quite a difference in delivery times across Canada. That being the case I'd like to share my experience in the off chance the information is of any value in this conversation.   I'll admit,  I was very skeptical as to whethe…