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Hello Everyone, I am pleased to inform you all that Mr. Snuff has restocked Makla Ifrikia and Toque products to their inventory. Happy ordering!! Regards, Amanda Mr.Snuff Customer Relation


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  • Hi @ar47 the problem has been resolved and you can now click on the Indian flag under Nasal snuff category and you should see all the items from JNF. I hope this helps! Amanda
  • Hello @Marc1000, Thank you for letting me know about the missing items from your order.I have noted the same down to my system and have already forwarded this to the concerned desk for processing. Our customer service team will be in contact with yo…
  • You're always welcome @Marc1000
  • @Marc1000 Hi Marc, I am really very sorry for this trouble and will assure you that you will not miss out on any of your ordered bulk snuffs from us. Please just let me know what are the items you have not received yet and I will arrange a re-deliv…
  • @nicmizer  Hi, Please go ahead place the order at snuff store and if you face any problem, email us at and the customer service department will take care of your order. I hope it helps. Regards, Amanda Customer Relation. MrS…
  • @volunge Hi, I will inform the inventory department to do a  cross check on the inventory. Amanda, Customer Relation MrSnuff
  • @ar47 Hi, Thanks for the inquiry. I would like to inform you that, we will be placing an order with Sir Walter Scott's for Sir Walter Scott's Golden Horn Snuff and the other snuff as well.  You will soon see that magical snuff back in stock. I w…
  • @ar47, Hi, Thanks for your message. I have instructed my marketing team to remove the banner ASAP. AmandaCustomer Service
  • @Ekert  Hi, Welcome on board with us. I have received an inquiry of yours from our boss Mr. David Anderson that you wanted to place an order with us and you were not able to get the free shipping. No worries, please enter the code SHIPFREE at the…
  • @dan11 Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. The offer is valid till May 31st. Amanda Customer Service Relation MrSnuff
  • Hi,  I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I have forwarded your complains to the technical department and soon they will come up with a resolution to solve the issue and you will be informed on this thread. I would reques…
  • @ar47 It was a pleasure helping you :-) Amanda Customer Service Relation MrSnuff
    in Stok Comment by Amanda May 2018
  • @ar47, Hi, Thanks for the inquiry and I would like to apologise for the delay in the response. I would like inform you that currently, we are not stocking any stok products as we are planning to move our warehouse and maybe after that we will able …
    in Stok Comment by Amanda May 2018
  • Hi @ar47 & @amz1301, Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. In this situation, I would like to inform you all that I have already contacted the customer service team and they will be getting back to you @amz1301 with a proper reso…
  • Hi, @LadySnuff I am sorry for this inconvenience. I am in contact with the rep. who is taking care of this issue for you and he will be getting back to you ASAP with a resolution. I would request you to please allow us sometime, within which we will…
  • @SvH & @Feernot Thanks for the confirmation! With Regards,AmandaCustomer Relations
  • Hey Guys, Thanks for this heads up and for explaining the issue in brief. I have escalated this issue to my tech team, hoping that they will give us a fix soon. Fingers crossed. xx With Regards, Amanda Customer Relations
  • @ar47 Thank you so much for your positive comment. I hope you get the same experience everytime you deal with Mr. Snuff. Regards,AmandaMr.Snuff Customer Relation
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by Amanda April 2018
  • @Stoke_About_Toque Thanks for your reply. I will be looking forward to your new order with Mr. Snuff soon. Regards,AmandaMr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • @Stoke_About_Toque Hi there, Thanks for your inquiry. Mr. Snuff definitely intends to carry SWS Creme de Figue in the next month or so. We will get to know if they still make this snuff from the manufacturer directly when we place our order with the…
  • @SunnyDay Hi there,Thank you for the heads up. I just made an inquiry to the customer service team regarding the issue you have described and came to know that, you have been sent an email today with an offer, awaiting your approval. Once you reply …
  • @ar47 Hi there,  Thank you for your support & believe in us. As a team, we are trying our best to give all of our customers a positive experience with Mr. Snuff. I am also hoping that your order will reach in time at your doorsteps. Regards,Am…
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by Amanda April 2018
  • @dwhyte Hi there,  Thanks for raising this question. I would like to inform you that due to security reason and our security protocols we have been instructed not use any personal picture or details of our own and for that reason only I have chosen …
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by Amanda April 2018
  • @willynelson Hi Willy, This is Amanda again from Mr. Snuff. I would like to inform you that I have arranged a refund for you for 1 x Sir Walter Scott's Roslein Snuff 50g, 1 x Sir Walter Scott's Friar Ramon Pane Snuff 15g and 1 x Sir Walter Scott's F…
  • @50ft_trad Thank you so much for the comment! I hope to take the customer experience to the next level for Mr. Snuff :)
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by Amanda April 2018
  • @SunnyDay I apologize for this convenience. I think it should go through as many other orders are going through. However, if you by any chance you want a confirmation of the same, please feel free to email the inquiry to and you…
  • @volunge Hi, thanks for your inquiry! Madras snuff is yet to reach the warehouse. We're trying to get the hold of it. Will keep you posted when it does. Regards,AmandaMr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • @SunnyDay Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your experience with website. We are constantly trying to improve our website for better customer experience. I am not sure why your order didn't went through, maybe a technical glitch, a…
  • @willynelson I am very sorry to hear about your experience with the SWS snuff. At that time, we were not placing any orders with SWS due to some internal issues. Hence, the stock that we had might have gone dry. However, with that being said, curren…
  • @AdoptNeed I am very pleased to know that your issue has been finally resolved. Happy snuffing! :) Regards,AmandaMr.Snuff Customer Relation