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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • Latest order from Toque, but non toque brands. This order is from June 10th, but just arrived. Wilson's C.o.C., Tom Buck, grande Cairo, Beltane, rows of Sharrow, wall, and black rappee. Also Cafe regal, and 210g of la extra strong Golden.
  • Hey, 10 years later here and I'm looking for a translation and found this post. Did you ever get a translation? Still have it? Post more if you're still active here.
  • Now that we have Six Photo MG Madras snuff, should we revisit this Madras topic. I could have picked up Dholakia Madras, but someone said six photo is better, and easy to get from mr. snuff. I love it. Rich, smokey tobacco makes me think I ju…
  • For a newbie snuffer I couldn't more highly recommend Rosinski Alter Fritz. It's tangerine with a hint of balsam and ever slightly mentholated. Balsam is almost like a light dried field grass. Some might say vanilla, but it isn't that at all. Anothe…
  • Rum and coke is what I'm drinking. The modern grog. Extra flavor to the Coke, not too strong if you mix them right, but will sneak up on you if you aren't counting how many you've had.
  • @snuffmiller do these additives prevent further mold growth on snuff? How does one produce a product they know will be shelf stable for a year? Is heat treatment a better option to prevent unwanted mold growth? Thanks, Jaap.
  • @schmalzlerfranzl I'm in the US. I just saw the price of shipping was about $30. I might hold off on this.
  • I've had Prince's, but not the special. What's the difference, if you know?
  • @sixphoto is lime an ingredient of cheeta? What is the point of adding lime to tobacco's? Hasn't it been found to be cancerous? It's a concern I have.
  • That is really cool! I would like to get one, but I can't travel there. Do they sell them online anywhere?
  • Ah, here we are almost a year later and I was searching for Chinese snuff. I'd like to travel there with my nose, but i haven't found any Chinese snuffs. Apparently there is one according to your post, and also it appears the Chinese import snuff he…
  • Here we are years later. I dig this snuff. I'm on my second tin of it. It's stronger nicotine wise than I remember my first tin being. Sharrow Mills lists the nic rating as a 5, their highest rating. I once took a bump of this stuff and half an hour…