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  • Mullins & Westley Keen Scented 25gSamuel Gawith Dr. Verey's Plus 25g x2McChrystal's O&G infused with CBD 8.75gCBD Premium 10gJ&H Wilson Medicated No.99 20gGawith Hoggarth CM 25g x3
  • Bernard Fresco, the only schmalzler I've had doesn't bother me a bit.  WoS Plain doesn't bother me either but I think pretty much any dark snuff will give me a type of rebound congestion after a couple pinches.  I can still use them but not everyday
  • I'm like some here.  I have no issues with African snuffs (NTSU, Taxi) yet I use dark English snuffs sparingly.  They just plug me up so badly, but I can use them before bed and not have too many issues breathing by the time I wake up the next morni…
  • I admit I've been drinking beer every single day for the last month and a half.  Just Budweiser.  I do like it but I do think I'm going to cut back if possible and try out some other things.  Cheers
  • Toque Menthol What a masterpiece of snuff
  • Hedges L260
  • @volunge I rehydrated the tin and it was better but still a bit dull till I got to around the middle of the batch and it's perfectly fine.  How odd.  I've experienced this with another (non-mentholated) snuff before so I wonder if it has to do with …
  • This one is refreshing but I don't use it all day.  It seems like a good snuff for high altitudes or going on a hike; something along those lines.  I have a feeling there are better snuffs made by Pöschl.  I kind of wish there was a non-oiled versio…
    in Poschl Red Bull Comment by Gormur May 16
  • I have and have only tried Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast.  I can't say much about it.  It's an incredible sniff of a snuff.  It has a nice balance of nicotine and flavor that lasts and that's what I look for in a toast.  The best part is that I do…
  • NTSU Green  @-)
  • 6P Super Kailashah
  • I like this snuff.  It's my favorite plain menthol snuff.  Nice, mildly complex flavor with no rebound
    in Toque Menthol... Comment by Gormur May 8
  • @Wild_Alaska toquesnuff doesn't have Irish D.  I only noticed because it's the Samuel Gawith snuff I mainly use.  Still they do have everything else
  • So I've gotten my snuffmeuk order and just received my Toque order this morning.  It was over 200g of snuff (235g) and left in the mailbox, so maybe it's just snuffmeuk that requires the signature or it's something to do with the packaging.  I'm puz…
  • @volunge I get what you're saying about Hedges L260 now.  All previous tins I got of it were very potent menthol and eucalyptus wise as well as decently nicotinated, but this last batch I just received or at least this first tin I started on is very…
  • @SunnyDay I hope Dholakia Sparrow Blue is Sparrow Cool. I'm using that right now and really enjoy it. Never tried plain Sparrow though. The Sparrow Cool is kind of a challenging sniff but I've been using more of it lately just to see how much I can …
  • Ah okay, thanks a lot.  I'll have to check it out
  • Viking Thor's Hammer (with a dash of menthol).  Not an everyday snuff for me but a favorite.  Definitely a heavy hitter 
  • I've thought about trying this but don't know if it'd be seized before it got to me.  Has anybody in North America ever ordered and received CBD snuffs?
  • I don't find WoS snuffs all too strong.  Dr. Rumney's Brown and their toast aren't impressive in nicotine but they have good nicotine and other nice qualities.  For me Samuel Gawith Irish D is much better and has better nicotine.  Grand Cairo is als…
  • @BobFrapples Indeed.  My orders have been all over the place and I've only been in this game since early last year.  One of my first orders took just over two months and some more recent ones were consistent at arriving after two weeks of ordering, …
  • NTSU Green 14gTaxi Green 15g6P Super Kailash 45gSir Walter Scott's Havana Toast 15g Figured I'd try out some different snuffs hehe
  • I'm looking forward to trying Red Bull.  I've never had anything from Pöschl but should have it soon enough.  Does anybody know if all of their snuffs are oiled?  Just curious, cheers
  • Loads of 6P Super Medicated No. 666 followed by a dusting of Gawith Hoggarth CM
  • I've just ordered ten 21g tins because it was better priced for me but I normally get a 200g tub.  I've gone through two since my last post.  I think the tub is the freshest snuff but I'll see if it's all in my head as I can't remember what the 21g …
  • I've been using more of this recently and quite like it.  It seems to clear up my sinuses but it doesn't always work.  Still I like the nicotine hit it delivers.  Mind you, this is the same 50g tub I'm using I got last year (when I posted).  It isn'…
  • 22 AprilPöschl Red Bull 7gSamuel Gawith Irish D 25gHedges L260 20g x2
  • Not too significant for stats but I told this guy in my dad's band (music) when we were talking about tobacco that I use snuff and I did a hand motion to my nose.  He said his mom uses it and this guy is in his 50s, so it's still alive here at least…
  • Toque order: 10 21g tins of McChrystal's O&G plus a 25g tin of Toque Menthol
  • I take Toque Rustica straight every morning.  It perks me up.  I don't know if I could take it all day because I might start sneezing like crazy.  It's quite potent in nicotine.  I think you'd like it
    in Toque Rustica Comment by Gormur March 3