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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • 100g Viking spear (pre WOS). I've had it for some years thinking i might start enjoying it at some point but alas it just clogs my nose up fiercely and the scent is ok but not good enough to tolerate the congestion. Speaking of Viking i miss the old…
  • I hope they reacquire the viking range at some point. Is there anything currently available that is similar to the old thor's hammer?
  • On another note I tried adding a tonka bean to a small amount of the dragon madras. I didn't expect the scents to meld together well because it's so different but it actually turned out great. I guess it's one of those things like pickles and vanil…
  • Toque is a fantastic brand of snuff and now the store is expanding to include other popular brands. Great prices and quality. Roderick is a shrewd businessman.
  • @SHbickel Haven't tried Grand Cairo yet though it's been on the list of snuffs i want to try for a while, It will be a few months before i need to order more since my last order was rather large. @Mr_O SP…
  • Mine have been coming in from toque in about 15 days pretty consistently (to FL), If it ends up tagged for inspection at customs it could take months though.  
  • Begum green sounds great. That, kailash, and special will be on my next order. Thanks. After that I'll have to try something from dholakia. My taste preference for english snuffs favors SPs and toasts above everything else, after that the cured nat…
  • I've edited the original post. Now that you mention it I'm not a big fan of Indian incense with the exception of nag champa I particularly like that one. I've placed an order last week that includes 3 thimbles from 6 photo that I'm still waiting to …
  • I got off cigarettes with Snus, it will deliver more than enough nicotine to squash the cigarette cravings. Snuff takes a while to be effective, It took me a year of using snuff before i could get any nicotine out of it. Now i can go almost all day…
  • Otto shmaltzler followed by spanish gem... you gotta try it, its delicious.
  • Kaliber plus original stark, two pouches in the upper lip. Not my favorite snus but ok and very affordable. One of six snus products I got from my last two orders.
  • I agree if that doesnt work I'd wipe it out with a clean white rag soaked in 90% or higher alcohol and let it sit open to air out for another week. If you are still having problems do the same thing with ashes or activated carbon dust followed with …
  • If you are prone to menthol rebound. Try Toque CBD. It helped with nighttime congestion i had more consistently than any other snuff. Did make me drowsy though. I go through phases though between SPs, Toasts, Schmalzers, and light menthols. One alwa…
  • I bought some from Toque. Havent tried McChrystals product but from what i understand it is not as strong. You shouldnt have any problems as Hemp derived CBD has been nationally legalized. Only thing it does for me is make me drowsy and relaxed in g…
  • Otto chancellor followed by toque usa whiskey and honey is incredible for a few moments. Doesnt work the other way around for some reason though.
  • Must have flown in during packaging. That snuff looks mighty fresh too. I wouldn't worry about it. I'll take it off your hands if you want
  • Had a nice laugh imagining that they made it to sell off scraps then invented some phoney back story about a guy and his dog. Manager be like you go find a good flavor for this shake... and you go invent a story. Hurry up before someone notices
  • Toque has a CBD snuff with a higher content than the McChrystal's. Its scented like chocolate brownies and spot on
  • Im thinking of getting some of this, i'm worried about the smokey description after trying 6 photo MG Madras which reminded me too much of cigarette ashes. If this is smokey like a campfire i could probably enjoy it but if it is reminiscent of ciga…
  • Just bought a 100g tin MG Madras, wondering if i have to store it in the fridge, anyone know?Would likely take 2-3 months for me to finish it.
  • Hope I'm not pouring salt on an old wound here, but I'm intrigued; did "RL'S Signature" ever come out? I'd certainly be interested.
  • This guy sells mapacho rolls that come from the amazon Also has indigenous style snuffs and kiripes he is based out of miami
    in Rustica Comment by Bryceton July 2020
  • Both those are available in every winndixie. Maybe they have online shopping.
  • Yeah you almost cut it in half. Thanks Roderick we all thank you for your hard work.
  • Oh man, got some coming in the post can't wait till it gets here. Chancellor is great too.
  • Rustica is a wild tobacco, it is different from the domesticated species. It is used commonly by shamans in South America and by general public (mostly rural) in Vietnam. One of my college buddies from Vietnam smokes it out of a bamboo water pipe. I…
  • Thanks all. I think I'll buy a few beans and give it a go. @Roderick: Regarding health concerns: for occasional use it is considerably more dangerous than cinnamon... Its not something i would snuff multiple times daily for any extended period of ti…
  • Never tried it, sounds like everyone here loves it, all the reviews I found online have been unfavorable so i was thinking about it might be cool to mix similar flavors like all the fruits into a "crazy george fruit punch" all the florals into a "cr…