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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • Sorry the picture qon't upload to show you the box they always use intill now
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 11
  • Hello @sixphoto, i think all i know about it is that my grandfather and my father use it, well its quiet old they use it always in there hand and sniff it , snufftaking here are verry old i could remamber the smell off snuff my grand father was usin…
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 11
  • I think you should by a cleaner spay and use it at night to just enjoy snuff the next day, maybe that how it works for me , and sniff just a little pinch cause the less is more
  • I did amoke one cigarettes last night lol but yeah your totally right, maybe i should go atep by step, in the first time i snuff i go 43days without smoking and then i get that craving like hell, then i amoked one and it was awful like i did never s…
  • @volunge actually i do buy it its just seems to be strong for that's actually why im thinking about making a home made one
  • Actual he was talking about spraying with water in that foal the more you rub the more you spray water like slowly , well that's totally traditional and maybe it woth a try, for me i just use coffee mixer
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 8
  • Morrocan nafha pretty strong as hell,
  • And one single question can you make it without ash's, like just aodium carbonate cause that's the only thing available for me here is is it gonna be fine just tobacco and S.C , thanks
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 8
  • Or Ziziphus spina roots
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 8
  • And for the tree ash he said it really should be Pistacia tree
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 8
  • He was warning people that they should make there own
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 8
  • Thanks bro , well if you need to translate what that man say im here,, really thanks that's really helpful ,
    in Morocco Comment by Abdoulaye August 8
  • Well your totally right , i snuff all day and i keep snuff in my nose , but its actually working for like stoping cigarettes, well i still have a pack of cigarettes with me , my problem with cigarettes after i used snuff is that i don't injoy it lik…
  • @n9inchnails , can you use baking soda without burning it ?!
  • @n9inchnails thank you so much , i just have a fear to put baking aoda in my nose lol i fell like its going to give me a blocked nose , but hell yeah i will give it a try , thanks a lot
  • @ALLex Panter
  • And there is a sodium carbonate for food and a sodium carbonate for waching dishes wish one?!
  • @junipero thanks brother
  • May i ask why sodium carbonate exactly?! Is it for making snuff more moister?
  • I wish i found that but unfortunately there is nothing like that here, but thanks brother appreciate that
  • Thank you guys apreciate that, sense that this country don't sell snuff and im for sure i will have a problem with buying it online, i do my best to make it by my own , actually i use cigars and it is working but that runny nose won't go away , i fo…
  • Hello sir i use cigarettes tobacco should i add something to it