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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste


thanks for the advise. will try it


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  • Hello    At seventy three I have returned to my beloved snuff. A little backround (hope not boring) I smoked camels for years. Got into cigars for awhile. One day I ordered snuff from g smith. Princess dark..........Also F&T. For a long long tim…
  • i am here to stay..........i love snuff
  • thanks guysbelieve it or not i have an unopened can of gallerhers irish d that is about forty years old. i opened its twin about two years ago. it was heaven. 21 and 22 are simply a gelight. i still love the darker moist snuffs. and thank you for …
  • I WROTE HIS LAST NIGHT pLEASE FORGIVE ANY MISTAKES. mY EYES HAVE GONE BAD. i have a theory .Years back I decided it was time to give up the cigs. I tried everything. What finally worked was fresh cope and snuss. I noticed that after two weeks, the …
  • i happen to like irish delight.when i place in the box, i add a moist paper or small piece of green flower foam. (in place of the traditional tonquin bean) when i first pinch it is a very small amount. very tiny. just enough to coat the nostril. my …
  • the subject scares me. i thank the forces of good for mr. snuff.
  • i first pinch the snuff i am going to use in both nostrils, then follow up with hedges or mccystals. it seems to open the nose. by the by, for years i could not breathe. i gave up cigs and began back to snuff. the medicated ones opened me up.
  • Anything related to snuff. I love snuff boxes. Mainly brass and pewter. I have wood and the bernards plastic. I have a cardboard box from dunhills with little plastic snuff containers. next to each one is a bigger container for the actual snuff. yes…
  •     Many years ago, I aquirred a brass box that I later found out was made in sweden and it was made by a company called BO-STROM. I love this little guy. A few months ago, I found a clone on ebay. Two lids, one on the bottom, one at the top. (or ot…
  • Thank you all for your generous comments. My snuff and pipe tobacco make me feel like christmas once a month I have certain not alloweds in my life. I had to give up all forms of the grape. (john barleycorn) I suffer from migraines and was given pil…
  •   I smoked cigs for years. Somewhere I fell in love with cigars.(in the seventies they were cheap) I found a pipe was too frustrating, I even dipped a bit. About twenty years ago, I went into a tinder box here in alb. I noticed the snuff. Little tin…
  • I love the stuff...........Thank you dave. p.s. I would order dave but I am financialy embarressed at the moment.
  • One thing I noticed is that like copenhagen freshness  is an important part. I think if you live in the states, the snuff you get is not like buying it in the UK. I was told by a guy who worked at the cope factory that after two weeks it was done. S…
  • Before I forget, you can buy the very small plastic gizmos you run under the tap. I keep one in a box and it seems to keep the snuff moist. You can use a piece of flower foam. (its green) stick it in a straw then cut off as much as you need and put …
  • I thought I would add that I bought one of the plastic onesw at Mr. Snuff. you can pinch or pour. I love it for keeping snuff handy if I am going out for a bit. I love pewter though. I think it loves snuff. The round comoy box you spoke of is really…
  • I cannot wait. My only problem is I am p[aying for two new snuff boxes and a pipe.................Maybe around christmas. Oh santa!
  • I believe it will be worth the wait. Dave I believe is the only person I know of who is getting it in. i kept some in the new Bernard's box for about a week without it getting too dry. one thing I suggest is to box some from the tin when you get it.…
  • i wonder if its the viking that makes snus for the do it yourselfer.
  • I am surprised you did not like the london brown. Also, I have to agree taking in a bit of air seems to help.
  • I tried it with a tin of pipe tobacco it was sealed. It was a straight virginia. I think it improved. I compared it to a can of the same stuff I got with it.
    in Rapid Ageing Comment by ELMOS July 2011
  • I agree. don't they understand that people just buy a cigarette case. i tried the patches, gum, etc. none worked. a pipe and snuff. I normally get real mad about this, no more. Those in charge will not listen. Just leave my snuff alone!
  • I shudder when I think of no snuff. Sam Gawaith Princess dark, London Brown, my new found friend Irish d light, and scotch black. These start and make my day and help end my day. And I must not forget O&G or hedges. (when I take princess I foll…
  • my best buds a bloodhound. a true friend
  • wow. i got home and i was craving my pipe. i had some 1792 flake in it. this would get rid of my n cravings. before lighting up i opened a new can of scotch black. i love the moist snuffs but i never had this one. after filling my box, i took a snor…
  • i have found if you put it on your hand and sniff it up it seems to work better. once you sniff press your nostril in.
  • anybody ever tried bull of the woods?
  • This is just a thought. I love turkish coffee. They sell hand crank brass machines. The bean has got to be a powder. Why not use it for snuff? they look like a cylinder with a hand crank.
  • At walmart they also have a metal container for stick matches. They unscrew. They are in the camping dept. the zippo lighter company makes a container for carrying extra fuel. about nine bucks. it has rubber gaskets.
  • Before I forget, the neatest thing I use is a pharmacy tool. Its the tool they use for mixing powders etc. it works great for transfering snuf
  • I aquired a really neat spoon from a company called Towel that makes flatware. It has a pin attached. Some companies make small spoons to be given away at stores.