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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • #newbiesnuffer and #Bryceton As far as I can tell there isn't any way to change a username. Sorry about that. As to deleting and starting over, I don't think there would be a problem with using the same e-mail address (but unfortunately the only way…
  • @Gormur F&T is now made by Wilsons, and packaged in the same tins they use for their own snuff. Roderick from Toque has managed to get hold of some of the old tins and is selling them (filled with the appropriate snuff from Wilsons, of course) o…
    in Snuff Tins Comment by Justin August 2020
  • @dasr Are you sure that's snuff you've got there, and not something a little more psychoactive?
    in earth mother Comment by Justin May 2020
  • Large sized patterned cotton handkerchiefs. I buy them whenever I see them - you can usually find them for two or three pounds and they last forever.
  • It will be our 20th anniversary in December. The most frightening and also the best thing I have ever done. I think she feels the same...!
  • I have tried Chancellor and the schmaltzler. Snuffanybody's YouTube review on Chancellor is spot on. It's really excellent.  The schmaltzler is also very good indeed. It looks and feels very much like Poschl,  but unlike Poschl D or SF it doesn't ha…
  • @MississippiRed I assume from your handle you are in the US. If so, have you tried American scotch? If you like Irish 22 then you might well like plain scotch. (Railroad Mills, Square, Ralph's, Tops and Navy are names that immediately come to mind.)
  • Both of these have been sold to a good home where they'll be appreciated. So, mods, feel free to delete this discussion. On the other hand, I could leave them be so that future generations can appreciate the words of wisdon dispensed by @ar47 concer…
  • I recommend the folks at the Surrey Linen Company for any UK people who are interested. (Depending on their international shipping rates, US and EU people might also be interetsed, given the relative weakness of the pound right now...!)
  • @Mr_O You might try - I have used them in the past. They ship to the UK well enough, and claim to ship worldwide, so USA should be OK provided you can pay in Euros.. 
  • @n9inchnails is spot on. Samuel Gawith used to do one but I don't think it survived the TPD. If you can cope with schmalzlers then Sudfrucht is the way to go.
  • I'm pretty certain that this was made by WoS. If so, it's their plain toast.
  • @frandelrio In theory (at least) the snuff shouldn't be going into your sinuses at all - it should stay in the nose. @volunge is spot on with his suggestion. What are you using and how are you taking it? Pinches of something not too fine and not too…
  • @Roderick FWIW I actually quite like the style of the labels, although I agree with you about 'Germanic snuff', which makes me think that it ought to be tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed and have duelling scars. Mind you, I'm quite certain that all of …
  • @Lou_Bliss Coins can make good boxes if they are large enough. I have one made to order by Coincrafts  made from two crowns (pre-decimal 5 shilling pieces) which are 1.5" across and the box is 7/8" deep. It…
  • @Lou_Bliss If you want a small box to pinch from then the French-style wooden ones are good. Here are a few e-bay links you might want to follow: These four are on ebay France…
  • As far as I remember, they were being sold by Mr. Snuff, and judging by his website he is out of stock. Wilsons do a plastic snuffbox that you can also tap from but it is quite large - it will take most of a large tin of their snuff. You can find on…
  • @Roderick that's sad news about your mother. I hope you have managed to resolve the situation and that she's OK. I know from experience that it's a heavy responsibility. Great news about the snuffs - I like your germanic base very much, so am lookin…
  • @Zebra2374 @Cappadoc @Codyg140 @SammyD13 @ar47 @Bizzle I sent an e-mail to Toque and have just had the following reply:Hi Justin, Roderick is away from the office for a couple of weeks. Regarding the new snuffs; we are in the process of approving th…
  • I have a Coincraft box made from two Crowns (5 shilling pieces) which were the largest coins in circulation in the UK. It's too heavy for a pocket, but it makes an excellent desktop box.
  • @ar47 WoS were making it, but it was a victim of the EU regulations, I'm afraid. 
  • At one point Dholakia were using similar boxes to those Poschl ones. Mr Snuff is out of stock, but the Snuffhouse Hive Mind might suggest alternative vendors!
  • Some of Toque's Toque USA snuffs are on a German-style base. Toque USA Apricot is mentholated and rather good. You might also enjoy a couple of the Poschl snuffs that come in sachets rather than tap boxes - Jubilaums Prise and Gluck Auf are both men…
  • It depends on the SP. SPs usually have other stuff apart from bergamot in them - often rose, for example. If you want a bergamot bomb then go for Toque SP Extra. The 'classic' SP is probably either J&H Wilsons SP No.1 or Wilsons of Sharrow Best …
    in sp's Comment by Justin April 2018
  • You could try checking out Planet of the Vapes. (Seriously...)
  • If the problem is snuff getting into your sinuses then you're probably right about the schmaltzlers - they would be less likely to go too far. As to recommendations - there are three makers you can get reasonably easily. Bernard produce 10g tap boxe…