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Recently I have started seeing posts on our snuff lovers forum by what I perceive to be right wing NRA gun carrying people. These guys are putting links in their posts to gun enthusiast sites. Even though I own lots of guns, I don't this forum should be a platform for right wing politics or any political views. I hope some of you agree with me.


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  • I don’t know if it’s possible to do, but I would like to rehab/ enliven if you will, my 1943 Gallagher’s High Toast. It’s still in the paper bag, originally sealed when I got it, but since opened. It never molded or was spoiled but it did lose it’s …
  • You know what? Snuff is different for all of us. Aside from nicotine there a number of pleasant sensations. I think everyone is a little different in their perception of scent and tastes.
  • I first bought a tin of “Cokesnuff” in 1968, at a head shop in California. Then, as a student in Scotland, in 1970, I wandered into Rattray’s tobacco shop in Perth, to buy some Golden Virginia rolling tobacco. Behind the counter, was a display of Sm…
  • I’ve made my own favorite with vintage Dental Sweet, spearmint eucalyptus oils, and a pinch of menthol crystals. Strong and has great drip.
  • Our local smoke shop had SD and Toque USA until the FDA interfered. The shop owner told me that she had to return all the products, couldn’t put them on sale. But then, miraculously she began carrying a lot of Mc Chrystal’s. Now, it’s the only real …
  • I’ve noticed some differences in scents between batches, but nothing worth noting. The main one I remember is Babeton Blue, from SA. It had a very interesting coconut scent a long time ago. Like ten years ago I think. It was really nice. Then, abrup…
  • I have some 1938 Italian dry toast called Regna something, lost the label. Still quite good. 1943 Gallagher High Dry Toast, unopened 1 pound tin, sent to a soldier in Australia during the war, but he never received it. Pale and dry, with no biscuit…
  • Homemade X-mas pudding with vintage WE Garrett for a sweet back note.
  • From Snuffstore Dr Rumneys Green Sturco Beltane SG KB Original Janta Menthol/Medicated Stormbreaker HDT #22
  • Alpine V, NTSU Green.
  • Elmo’s Reserve
  • De Kralingse Pompadour from ten years ago. Found a 100 gram tub 2/3 full hidden in a suitcase.
  • I think it’s been done for a while now, with different snuffs and different manufacturers. I have a few old tins of Jaxsons, the same vacuum lids as the SG 25 gm tins. I recall two or three Jaxsons that were all but identical to the SG versions. The…
  • I’ve never seen any authentic indigenous style Caribbean snuffs. The closest you’re going to get are cigars.
    in Caribbean Comment by mrmanos January 23
  • I bought a bunch of these Brazilian snuffs a few years ago. They were okay but nothing special. And most of all, they were very expensive and the shipping was too. I’ll pass on them for the most part. One that I liked a lot was called Imbruana. I ju…
  • I still have a 50 gram bag of this. Never really liked it much. Maybe I can mix it with something else. Or I may let my goats eat it. Goats love snuff! Don’t ask me why, but they just love it.
  • Yes very old news. I wish they’d bring back Black Rappee.
  • I take my snuff quickly. I never let it rest in my fingertips very long.
  • I just got my first order yesterday. The M&W Black Rappee seems to be the same as Viking Dark Rappee. Very good but still not the same as the highly esteemed SG snuff of the same name. I also got a 50 gram bag of the new Otto Red Rags. One of th…
  • Did anyone buy all the Smiths snuff? I used to buy them in Scotland half a century ago. They were very good. Especially Red Cardinal.
  • One of the best German snuffs! I only order it once every few years but I still love it.
  • I keep my dark moist snuffs in a zip lock baggy and when they get a little dry, I add a sliver of carrot or apple, once in a while I add a few drops of distilled water, mix it in, and voila, refreshed snuff. I have a few vintage high dry toasts that…
  • Well, after clicking on the link, it appears that whatever product these people are making cannot be purchased by an individual person who is not a licensed tobacco retailer. I will have to carefully store my DK snuffs like I’ve been doing and just …
  • Is this for real? I still have about 5 100 gram tubs of the DK snuff that I carefully store and rehydrate every few months. In fact, just last night I was snuffing Pompadour, Peppermunt, and St Omer! So let me get this straight, Jaap’s snuffs are no…
  • It’s too bad that we Americans can’t get American snuff here in America! I dearly love Checkerberry snuff, and the only place I could ever get it was from Mr Snuff. Kind of silly that I had to order an American product from a store in the UK.
  • I just got my first order from Artisan! Excellent selection and yes, my Visa worked perfectly. In case anyone is wondering, Artisan is the only place that carries F&T snuffs in the beloved cylindrical, original tins. It’s important to me. And Ar…
  • I think the nicotine in snuff is absorbed at a steady rate, no matter what the N content is. Yet the more you take, the psychological effect is that you’re getting more N. Just my own theory. I notice if I blow my nose in about 5 minutes, then do mo…
  • I have a huge bottle of this snuff that I bought unopened at a second hand store. After rehydration it was okay. No rose scented tobacco, looks to be from the 1960s. I’ve never seen it new anywhere but I live in the snuff free west. Only snuff here …
  • Gekachelter, Otto Red Rags, Princes Special, all one after the other
  • Red Rags 50gr Princes Special M&W Black Rappee Otto Chancellor Dynamite Gekachelter 6photo Anarkali Dr Rumney Blue